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How to Apply for the Torrance Police Department’s Return Home Registry

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Three out of five people with Alzheimer’s Disease will wander.

Thankfully, the Torrance Police offers the Return Home Registry.
This Registry is designed to assist officers in locating lost or wandering
persons when they go missing from their home or caregivers.

How the Registry works:

  1. Caregivers submit a registration form online for each participant.
    To register your loved one, click below:
    Register for the Return Home Registry
  1. A Return Home Registry registration card is provided.
  1. Two JPEG photos of the participant will be needed.
  • The first photo needs to be a full body photograph of the
    person standing or sitting.
  • The second photo needs to be a head and shoulders photograph
    similar to a passport photo.

Photos can be submitted after the original form is submitted.  If you are
unable to submit photos, they will arrange to take the photos for you.

Occasionally, you will be contacted by e-mail to request any changes in
your loved one's information. If major physical changes have occurred,
updated photographs can be submitted at that time.


Don't forget to email the requested pictures to
once you have completed the registration.

For more information you can visit the city website here: Return Home Registry Website


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